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Modular Walls

Add value, privacy and safety to your home with a lightweight modular wall system that replicates the look of a rendered masonry wall, without the cost or hassle. Perfect for Boundary Walls, Front Feature Fences or External Feature Walls. The Modular System consists of composite fibre cement sandwich panels, supported by a unique post system. The post system holds the wall panels in a rigid position whilst allowing room for expansion or movement internally within the post. This means that the modular enclosures will never crack. When erected, the wall strength is comparable to that of a brick wall. With considerable time and cost savings over a comparable brick wall and with minimal site disturbance during construction, a Modular Wall is more than just an economical decision. By using this unique walling system you eliminate the need for bricklayers, earth moving equipment, renderers, expensive strip footings and mess during construction.

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