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We are a locally owned and operated business with over 20 years experience. 


DPL Coatings offers both interior and exterior residential painting services across the Gold Coast.

Our numerous happy clients are testament to our promise of delivering high quality work whilst being professional, punctual and friendly. 

If you’re unsure what you are looking to achieve with your home, Darren is always happy to offer advice on colour schemes and other decorating options.

Rest assured, DPL Coatings is owned and operated by Darren and you’ll be in direct contact with him at each stage of the project. The company is fully licensed, insured and is a Dulux Accredited Applicator. We are a painting service you can trust.

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DPL Coatings has an abundance of experience, finishing everything from fencing, to interior walls and whole-home exteriors with a stylish, durable and lasting.

Render is becoming the go-to option for home exteriors, due to its great look, versatility and weather-resistant properties. Rendering your home’s façade is an affordable, low-maintenance choice.

Render is the preferred finish for most new homes on the Gold Coast, favoured for its clean lines and modern aesthetic. It is also the primary method of revamping older properties, restoring them to their former glory by masking imperfections that develop over time . Refinishing your home will markedly increase its real estate value.

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Give New Life to Concrete

Looking to resurface an existing or new concrete area. 

Spray Crete is a cement system designed to cover all solid flooring surfaces like concrete, tiles, and cemented pavers. The product is specifically designed for this use and will not bubble, peel or fade. You can go for the basic spray crete or a spray on pavement look. 

It is as strong as concrete and the designer possibilities are endless. Make your driveway, patio or pool area look amazing whilst increasing the value of your property. After all, first impressions count and people do notice your concrete.

Through our spray crete you will be giving your old concrete new life. It will be completely transformed. Say goodbye to boring and dull looking concrete forever. Its low in maintenance too, which means less work for you and its durable, so you don’t need to spend money and time getting it redone.

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We can take on any concrete project, from a home driveway to a factory floor. We service all the suburbs in and around the Gold Coast, with a range of concreting solutions for residential and commercial clients. 

We can rejuvenate old concrete or pour fresh concrete. We take care of all aspects; excavation, prep and pour.

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